Community Outreach 

“When we begin to realize, 
that any of our personal success, 
is all of our successes, 
then we are truly ready as a species, 
for the next level. 
For if I gain, and you do not, 
then I have gained nothing, 
for gain is nothing if not shared.
For to isolate one's self, 
no matter how seemingly enriched, 
is to lose the greatest treasure of all, 
the ability to share and grow, 
from our universal connection.” 
― Tom Althouse

Since 2015 The Seeds of Life Alliance, a registered not-for-profit organization, has been in partnerships with C.O.R.E(community orchards for resource and development), a Winnipeg local none for profit correctional facility for youth, and O.P.K which aims to nurture and support marginalized and at-risk indigenous youth and its families. Our mission is to develop at risk youth programs through the knowledge of growing food & maintaining sustainable garden plots year after year.


The food we grow will help kids learn the value of where their food comes from. The youth learn to design and implement their own garden designs alongside the guidance of our highly educated and skilled program managers and volunteers. We go all the way from seed starting to year end seed saving and everything in between. The youth learn to identify wild indigenous plants and how to use them as well. Our group of volunteers has been committed to going back to the correctional facility to nurture the relationships we’ve made with the youth, and every year we add more to our beautiful gardens. Seeds of Life Alliance alongside C.O.R.E will be developing a program where we maintain fruit orchards that we have developed at the Forks Market. O.P.K. helps us to provide supervision for the Youth as well as guidance and mentorship. These partnerships have been created to ultimately help our youth feel a sense of purpose and to develop their skills and give them a sense of community. Our program is constantly evolving from year to year, we have a pre an post release corrections program that now provides a school credit for the kids inside the MYC.  Any proceeds and donations will help us to maintain and develop our gardens and design and build more orchards within the city as well as to establish stronger networks within our community. Your support and interest means a lot! A heartfelt thank you!

What We Do