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Permaculture Specialist

As founder of the Seeds of Life Alliance, Ivan has seven years of experience teaching the fundamentals of sustainable agriculture and land regeneration to youth within the Manitoba correctional facilities.  

His practice integrates the deep wisdom found in nature and applies the science of natural design principles to agricultural practices.  Ivan's passions consist of soil remediation and regeneration, wetland restoration, community integration, indigenous teachings and elder wisdom.  

Ivan strives to weave art into every space that is created and believes that nature is our greatest artist and ally and that we need to develop our spaces in a way that observes and interacts from a place of understanding our connection to these natural spaces and how we play a vital role in preserving them. 



Early Childhood Educator/ Forest School Practioner

With over 15 years of experience working with children in a variety of settings, Leah  brings the love of nature and the passion for the outdoors to those around her. As an ECE II, Forest School Practitioner and mother of two wild children, her experience ranges widely from large early learning centres to private family child care to the marshes of Fort Whyte.

She now aims to expand her work in this field by sharing her education and experience with groups and individuals, offering a holistic approach to teaching children and supporting the adults in their lives. Nature- Ally Learning is one of her entrepreneurial efforts to serve this city and her passion for nature-based personal development.



Certified Educator and founder of the Emotional Literacy Movement

With nearly two decades of experience and training in the field of education, Kris Garner develops and delivers holistic programming that combines neuroscience with mindfulness, art, movement, and nature-based practices, providing students with research-based tools and skills to live a happier and more balanced life. She is passionate about emotional literacy and nurturing trauma-resiliency amongst youth and the extended community. 



Mulitdisciplinary Artist

Spoken Word/ Rapper/Poet

Nereo sees the arts as a tool for gaining greater self awareness. His unique works of art combine people, animals and nature together to articulate diverse stories rich with symbolism and elaborate forms.

Nereo creates complex narratives that acknowledge the subtleties of human nature while celebrating stories of everyday life. With a wealth of experience as an Art Therapy facilitator for Graffiti Art Programming Inc (Winnipeg), Unity Charity (Toronto) and Blueprint for life (Canada).
Nereo views music art and movement as a form of medicine for the soul, and believes in its ability to aid internal wounds.

As a proud member of Seeds of Life Alliance, Nereo offers his services in the arts to empower others with compassion and integrity in order to help build a more conscious and active community.


Ava Foster

Woodcarving Artist & Furniture Maker

Ava started Bow & Arrow Furniture in 2014, initially refinishing furniture. She then went to Rosewood Studio, in Ontario, for an intensive course on traditional furniture making and began building custom furniture.  

As time went on, she returned to a childhood hobby of woodcarving by starting to offer wooden spoons and delivered a TEDxWinnipeg talk on the history of the wooden spoons. Artistic carving is now the mainstay of her work (, focusing on earthly creatures and mystical masks of divine inspiration. She enjoys being fully immersed in her medium of wood and continues to learn more about it with every piece she creates.

Ava endeavours to foster creative confidence in others through hosting workshops and sharing her process online through social media. The rewards in the sense of accomplishment a person gets when they’ve completed a spoon can be carried into many aspects of their lives and encourages people to continue to connect with the items they utilize and enjoy on a daily basis.


Sam Frechette

Professional Photographer/


Founder of Be Leaf Media.

His work ranges from, Documentary, Informational to Live Events/Music and Music Videos.

Samuel is passionate about helping his clients capture their honest stories that inspire. They are patient, adaptable, personable and deliver high quality.


Chris hunt

Educational Assistant & Permaculture Practioner

Chris is a permaculture practitioner with a focus on earthworks and forest management. Trained and educated in Tasmania in the art of building dams, swales and other earthworks. He has spent over 5 years working with vulnerable individuals facilitating healing and learning through compassionate care as a support worker and educational assistant. As a father and educator, teaching edifying skills and facilitating self empowerment and holistic worldviews to people of all ages is a driving force. Currently involved in stewarding 3 permaculture sites in various stages around Manitoba. An avid traveller, passionate about fungi cultivation and healing, forestry, and writing.

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