SOLa Forest


Nature School

We believe that regular, repeated access to the natural world provides children and adults alike with outdoor learning opportunities that are both inspirational and challenging. Forest School is a child-led curriculum, where children learn through self-directed play and exploration.  As part of the Seeds of Life Alliance Forest and Nature School program, the children will be given the opportunity to develop socially, cognitively, and physically as they gain knowledge of the natural environment through emergent, first-hand experience.

We envision a world where outdoor play in natural environments is the norm, not the exception, in the daily lives of all children. Exploring with freedom, confidence, and creativity, being supported holistically through the power of nature and their community.

Our intention is to connect children and nature in a meaningful, emergent way. Building relationships with the land on which we work and play that inspire feelings of conservation and protection of our natural world.

For more information on the principles of Forest/Nature School please visit the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada or contact Leah Smith, our resident Forest School Practioner.