About US







The Seeds of Life Alliance or S.O.L.A. for short is a not-for-profit community service co-op based out of Winnipeg, MB.  We specialize in Education and Training that teaches students and educators how to design food programs that integrate art, construction, and trauma-resilience.  

We strive to create positive community impact through Emotional Literacy and the time-honored tradition of sowing our seeds in the land.

Our aim is to develop a long-term strategy that builds partnerships with our local communities and our greater global networks.  We achieve this by basing our vision on 3 main principles that are drawn from 3 pillars that we use to design our programs.

The Three Pillars:

1.       People Care

2.       Earth Care

3.       Share in the Surplus


People Care

All our programs are designed to develop systems where people thrive through developing deeply interconnected systems that build security and stability as well as sense of family.  Once People feel safe and secure they have better opportunities and thus make better choices in their life.

 Earth Care

All of our programs integrate a deep understanding of sustainable and regenerative land-based practices.  We run art, construction, and food growing programs that are interwoven within 12 core principles of design(12 principles of permaculture) that relates to planet stewardship.


Share in the Surplus

Everyone takes no more than they need and an extra surplus can be used to create further programming and to develop positive social and economic impact programs.